the oskar legacy

The stonemason from Dala


In the beginning of this century, the builder Oscar Andersson was a real Jack of all Trades. In the 1940s, Oskar opened a limestone quarry in Dala outside Stenstorp in Sweden, to work with stone in parallel with his regular business as a builder. His son Eie joined in an early age and also began to work in the quarry.
      In the booming post-war period it was built like never before in Sweden, and the demand for coarse stone was great. After a few decades in the quarry, a third generation of quarryman was about to take over the business in Dala.
      In the late 1980s, Eies two sons Kent and Stefan takes over the family business, and builds a new additional factory in Dala. A factory with the aim to cut and refine stone.


If the mountain won't come to Dala
then Dala must go to the mountain

In 2001, a new journey started for Dala Sten with the aim of quarrying its own Jämtland limestone, and Dala Sten opened another quarry in Jämtland. At this point Dala now had access to that vast amounts of Jämtland limestone needed, and the possibilities to quarry it in own quarries. The limestone quarried in Jämtland then gets transported back to the facility in Dala for further processing and refining.
      In 2007 a new factory was built in order to even more precisely process and refine the limestone at location in Jämtland. More efficient, logistically smarter and above all – more environmentally friendly.
2016 Dala Sten initiated the process of building an even larger factory of 2,000 m2 for the production of Jämtland limestone. This facility is expected to be completed and in full production late 2017. Dala Sten has also access to additional vast areas for future quarrying.
      Currently Dala Sten quarry, refine and deliver natural stone for interiors, facades, walls, pillars, passageways, staircases, terraces, floors and more. The stone comes cut, sanded, polished, sliced, carved, flamed or rustic. When it comes to the stone finishing, only the context and the clients imagination is the limit.
      Although the Jämtland limestone might be the company flagship stone, Dala Sten also supply other premium stone such as marble from Italy and granite from all around the world.

The Dala Sten quarries are in the Swedish national interests for mining of the high-quality Jämtland limestone.