made in jämtland

Refined by Dala


We have been supplying stone to conscious customers ever since Oskar Andersson founded the company in the 1940s. All stone that leaves our factory is refined and crafted with decades of knowledge and craftsmanship. Through our unique ability to create tailored solutions, we deliver timeless, uncompromising and most importantly - long-lasting quality.


We refine and deliver stone for both interiors and exteriors. Our Jämtland limestone might be our flagship stone, but we also supply other premium stone such as marble from Italy and granite from all around the world.

The stone comes cut, sanded, polished, sliced, carved, flamed or rustic. When it comes to the stone finishing, only the context and your imagination is the limit.

You have probably stepped on Jämtland limestone more times than you think. Jämtland limestone grace famous landmarks such as Arlanda Airport, Stockholm Central Station, the Post hotel in Gothenburg, The central bank in Oslo, The Concert Hall, Turning Torso and Stockholm City Hall.


back to nature

One hundred percent natural material


Natural stone is a very environmentally friendly and sustainable product, with low energy consumption during its manufacturing. It is also 100% recyclable, as it contains no artificial chemicals or other hazardous substances at risk of ending up in our nature. Natural stone is one of the most durable materials used in homes or public environments.